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Re: Komba..

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On Tuesday 22 Apr 2003 21:04, Michael Peddemors <michael@linuxmagic.com> 
> On Tuesday 22 April 2003 12:17, you wrote:
> > Le 22/04/03 à 15:14 Michael Peddemors (michael@linuxmagic.com) 
écrivait :
> > > Same here, but I thought we could do some debian specific stuff,
> > > like adding a cron entry to cleanup orphaned mounts etc.., ensure
> > > that mounts are unmounted on logout/disconnect etc..
> >
> > How could you be sure a mount is orphaned ?
> If the user who mounted the share is not logged on anymore.
> > Why should mount be unmouted on disconnect ?
> Because the user is no longer logged in.  The mounts mounted under
> their home directories are of no use to the system or any other user,
> until they log back in.

What if they are still running processes which might be using those 

> > That is clearly not the purpuse of komba, sorry !
> Uh, but it seems the exact use of Komba, to mount shares under their
> home directories when they need them, and to unmount them when they
> disconnect. There is an option to remount shares on logon.
> When you mount via Komba, with 50 users mounting 60 shares, we have a
> lot of unused mounts.  In windows, when you disconnect, the smb
> connections are dropped when you disconnect.  So when a user
> disconects, it should close the mount, when they login again, the
> shares will get remounted.

In Microsoft Windows, AFAIK, when one logs off, all of their user 
processes are terminated. This is not necessarily the case on 
non-Microsoft systems. Assuming that it is the case is wrong.

Paul Cupis
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