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Re: KDE media players

On Wednesday 16 April 2003 05:59, Magnus von Koeller wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 April 2003 23:41, R. Rodriguez wrote:
> > > Oh, and since I don't need arts anyway (my sound card supports
> > > multiple parallel sound inputs), I hardly see the point.
> >
> > Can you explain that to a newbie? :P
> Well, arts is a sound server. That means there can be multiple

Well, not exactly.
This is one of the functionalities of aRTs.
Its main purpose is synthesizing.
When playing files through an arts player like noatun, arts does all the 
filereading, decoding, etc.

That is one fo the problems with arts.
IIRC the arts guys are thinkink about separating sound server and 
synthesizer part, ot be more flexible which soundserver the synthesizer 
is used with.

> For example, you can listen to music using Noatun but still hear
> system sounds. If your sound card doesn't support multiple parallel
> sound inputs (there's probably a more scientific term), you need arts
> for this to work.

I think the kde mulitmedia folks use "sound driver supports multi open"


Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer@gmx.at>
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