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Re: lisa package

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Am Dienstag, 15. April 2003 00:38 schrieb Anders Ellenshøj Andersen:
> > Also lisa has no option to make it quiet at boot except pointing stdout
> > to /dev/null. Not good! Anyway, that output should be shortened a bit and
> > it should go to stderr.
> How about this for an error: lisa never finds any hosts on my network so is
> pretty much useless.
> Why don't we have regular smb browsing? That's all I need.. :(

It does find everything here (finde FiSH and SMB ports). Maybe you did not 
edit /etc/lisarc? Or you have a ~/.lisarc?
The default one in the package (but at wrong location) only looks at 
localhost? Actually, the ability to define network devices (like in samba) 
would be smart, especially in a dhcp environment! Also, being able to pin it 
to certain devices would be smart, too.
The version (0.2.3) seems to be serious ;)

Should I do some bug reporting because the init script bug is rather critical. 
But to where? The pid thingie seems to be a upstream problem. Upstream should 
implement a pidfile option and write the pidfile itself.

BTW: the KDE bts is a pain to use. How can I report a bug on lisa there. It 
does not find it!


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