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Re: Some konqueror shortcut

On 03/04/12 at 13:46 Hendrik Sattler (ubq7@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de) wrote :
> If added in a debian package, all should begin with something like "deb" 
> because there is surely more than one bts out there. So it should be 
> "debbts:" or "debbug:".

In a debian distro, it would be better to have short shortcut. As a
debian user, when I speak about the bts, it's the debian bts. I doesn't
say debbts !

> > Information on a Debian developer.
> Those are pretty debian development specific, aren't they.


> > debc:
> I'd rather suggest using 'auto-apt' or 'dpkg -S' for such things.

They're is a possibility to do that on the web, that's why I have these
shortcuts. And not all users have a connection which permit to download
the Content file for using with apt-file.

> See above. I would suggest using "debpts:" instead.

I really don't think that it is a good idea !
Jean-Michel Kelbert

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