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Re: Compiling Karamba

* Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org> wrote:
> I'd need the sources for my woody backports, *please* :-)

BTW :) 

deb-src http://www.katzien.de/debian ./

kisdndial -> my first package, from the scratch. Some review would 
             be wellcome :) If it is (when it will be :) ok, I would
	     like to find a sponsor to include it into debian...
kickpim   -> uupdate from ktown debs and changes for new qt3

Kisdndial is a kickerapplet, which acts as a frontend to isdnctrl 
and also shows you the current connection rate.

Kickpim is a a kicker applet for kaddressbook, which also reminds you
of birtdays and anniversarities. 

The deb line is only useable if you have ktown kde and libc from
unstable... Currently I have no idea how to setup a clean woody
'chroot' (?)...


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