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DCOPserver problem with user

I just set up my laptop recently, and I'm having trouble getting KDE to work for my user account.  It works fine, however, as root.  When I try to startx as a user, I get the following error message:

# There was an error setting up inter-process
# communication for KDE. The message returned
# by the system was:
# Could not read network connection list.
# /home/daines/.DCOPserver_(none)_:0
# Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running!

"daines" is the name of my user account.  I have my suspicions that this problem may be related to something else, since I cannot get apache to start, either.  The "(none)" is what makes me think this.  I don't have any idea how to go about fixing it, though.

I haven't been running GNU/Linux for a couple years now because I haven't owned a computer (except the two at work!), so treat me like a relative newbie when giving me direction.


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