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Re: Printing Problems

On Wednesday 02 April 2003 10:16, Fred K Ollinger wrote:
> So this means that kde is working ok, that is the .ps output is valid. I
> had problems w/ apps that put out invalid .ps in the past. This is not the
> case here.

Still not sure why one .ps file generated by Konqueror causes this problem, 
while another doesn't.  Going to install Mozilla on stable to see if problem 
is on both browsers.

> I suspect that there is a problem w/ the printer config under cups.
> However, did you say that some jobs were able to print? Sorry, I was not
> sure. I thought you meant that only certain pages, such as asp could not
> print. Is this true? From what I know about this now, I'm guessing pure
> html would be a problem as well. Just a guess.

No, I print a file from a straight HTML page, and compare the .ps from that an 
a PHP page, but can't see where a difference might be, but sending the .ps 
that I passed on to you, won't print to CUPS, with CUPS saying no pages 
found, even though the progress meter shows 2 pages being sent to CUPS

> I looked at the file and it looks great, well as good as .ps files do
> under gs. :)

Does it print for you to CUPS?

> I'm assuming you have an HP laser printer. Right? This is good news, as
> these printers are dead easy to configure and debug under linux (compared
> w/ inkjets).

> Here are my guesses for now:
> 1. Printer is not configured correctly. Test: can you print _any_ .ps
> files properly? If yes, then which ones? How do printable ones differ from
> non-printable ones?

Dont' agree with this, as other konqueror generated pages do print correctly.

> 2. Level of .ps is not compatible w/ the printer you are using. This one
> bit me. The .ps standard has a few levels. I force all my output to level
> 1 as I have a cheap laser printer.

Still no response to how to define the level of .ps

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