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I'd like to use KPPP just as a front-end for pppd and not as a dialler. 
I have a DSL connection that requires PPTP and I've properly configured 
pppd to invoke pptp (via a pty entry in /etc/ppp/peers/provider).  

Everything works quite well, except that I'd like to have a convenient 
gui front-end.  I've been using bbppp, which has a toggle-button that 
simply invokes pon/poff, however, I'd rather use a front-end that can 
go into the System Tray.  (bbppp runs in a standalone window)

From the documentation, it looks like KPPP insists on having a modem and 
dialling before invoking pppd.  Is there a way to get KPPP to just 
invoke pppd without first dialling?

Thank you for your help!


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