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Re: menu and toolbar weirdness

On Tuesday 01 April 2003 09.13, Brian K. Vagts wrote:
> I switched from the ktown debs to the unstable archive debs a week or too
> ago. Before switching, I wacked all the old debs and configuration that I
> could find.  All is well, except for the fact that there is some weirdness
> with the menus and buttons.  Namely, it seems to reproduce button and menu
> choices. Konqurer has the full toolbar choices, and then proceeds to repeat
> it (including the little spinning gear thing).  The toolbar is fine in
> kmail, but the last three menus are "No text!", and most of the menus have
> the choices replicated with it.  Anyone have any idea what could be causing
> this...I cant seem to find a bugreport relating to it?

You are probably missing /etc/kde3/ui/ui_standards.rc. If that is the case, 
try purging kdelibs-data and reinstalling it. The file is in the package, but 
dpkg don't install it every time. If reinstalling doesn't work, download the 
package kdelibs-data and do 
dpkg -x /path/to/deb/kdelibs-data_4%3a3.1.1-0woody1_all.deb /tmp
and copy it from /tmp/etc/kde3/ui/.

// Erik

It said Use Windows XP or better, so I installed Debian GNU/Linux.

Erik Johansson <ml@erre.user.lysator.liu.se>

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