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Re: Using arts and alsa (direct) simultaneously?

On 30.Mär 2003 - 18:37:45, Olaf Stetzer wrote:
> Hello List,
> is there a way to use arts (artsd) and alsa devices directly in parallel?
> The problem I have is that I can only use either artsd OR other programs 
> that need direct access to alsa hardware and I wonder if there is a way to get
> both at the same time running? Probably there is a way to configure alsa devices to 
> allow a certain number of clients to acces to it (via virtual devices or ports)
> but I haven't found out yet how to set this up.

Don't know if there is such a solution. Arts is a so called
Sound-Server, wich mixes different sound streams into one that is send
to the dsp-Device. This can be created via ALSA, which only is a driver
package for various sound cards.

A solution for the problem could be artsdsp, which should be installed
together with arts. It makes the program run with artsdsp think that it
has access to /dev/dsp, but really it sends the sound to arts. AFAIK it
works with most programs.


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