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Problem Printing Farsi Characters

Hi there:

The Farsi Language has been supported in KDE for a while now, and in KDE 3.1, 
one can choose the Farsi keyboard layout, and start typing in KDE 
applications like KMail, KOffice (1.2), KEdit and KBabel.

But it seems, printing Farsi characters is not working. When I type a document 
( in any of the above applications ) and then I print the document, Farsi 
characters aren't printed, but the english characters in the text are printed 
perfectly. I get the same result, with Printing to PostScript, and also, with 
Print Preview.

Any Ideas? Shall I file a bug?


/* Those who do not understand Unix 
 *are condemned to reinvent it, poorly */
                                         -UNDEAD Evil GNU/Linux
Aryan Ameri

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