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Re: kprinter in KDE 3.1.1 crashes under sid

Oliver Johns wrote at Sunday 23 March 2003 05:10:

> The crashes that Pablo di Vincente saw under woody also happen in a
> totally current (as of 2003.03.22) sid system.  This was also an
> upgrade from 3.1.0.  When one types kprinter from a konsole window
> the kprinter comes up and then instantly crashes with the message
> [...]

same system, same upgrade history, but can't confirm.

> One way to postpone the crash is to remove the file
> ~/.kde/share/config/kdeprintrc
> Then the kprinter window will launch successfully.  If you click on
> any option EXCEPT cups, the window will stay.  But if you click on
> the CUPS option, there is an instant crash, as described above.

again, can't confirm this. Everything works fine here.


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