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kprinter in KDE 3.1.1 crashes under sid

The crashes that Pablo di Vincente saw under woody also happen in a 
totally current (as of 2003.03.22) sid system.  This was also an 
upgrade from 3.1.0.  When one types kprinter from a konsole window 
the kprinter comes up and then instantly crashes with the message

kdecore (KSocket): ERROR: KExtendedSocket::connectionEvent() called 
but no data available!

The KDE crash dialog says that kprinter crashed with signal 11 

One way to postpone the crash is to remove the file
Then the kprinter window will launch successfully.  If you click on 
any option EXCEPT cups, the window will stay.  But if you click on 
the CUPS option, there is an instant crash, as described above.  
I surmise that the trouble is when kprinter talks to cups.

But, my cups is working fine.  I can print to cups using the bsd 
compatibility commands like lp or lpr.  That works with no glitch.  

I tried purging kdeprint and re-installing it after a reboot.  That 
did not help.  That suggests that kprinter interacts with files from 
some other package in 3.1.1 in some bad way.



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