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Re: qwindowstyle.h problem

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On Freitag, 28. Februar 2003 12:32, Leopold Palomo Avellaneda wrote:
> Q: I have an application that when linking gives me symbol referencing
> errors to Q*Style. Why does my applicationnot link correctly ?
> A: The author of the program is using the styles that ship with Qt directly
> instead of using the QStylePlugin interface.If you are the author of the
> program, change your program to use QStylePlugin. If you are a packager,
> write to theauthor of the program that he is assuming that the styles
> shipped with Qt are built-in to the library which is not the case on Debian
> and that he please should fix this and use QStylePlugin.
> --------------------------------------------
> but I understand that it's something about the linking, but not the
> compile.
It is a matter of both if the header file prevents compiling already. The 
reason why the header files for the plugins are in package 
libqt3-plugin-headers (which are only there for your reference, *not* for 
using it to compile anything) is that if an app uses qwindowsstyle.h or any 
other style header it is most likely that it will also try to access the 
member functions in the library. As that is not the case providing the header 
files by default will result in that you can compile, but not link. With the 
header files for the plugins stripped out you can find out about problems 
much earlier. I think we have to update the readme again *sigh*


> However I have found in the web this:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2002/debian-devel-200210/msg00771.html
> So I understand that the debian qt version has the Styles as plugins. But,
> why do not put the include file? It's in the qt3.1 version. Maybe will have
> some compatibility problem with others distros. No?.
> Well, I just ask, I wouldn't like a flame. I follow the README and I
> contact with the author of the applications.
> Regards,
> Leo

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