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pinentry-qt (0.6.8) doesn't work


sorry for being (potentially) stupid. I'm currently trying to get 
pinentry-qt to work on my sid system.

I downloaded it (apt-get source pinentry) from Ralph's woody 
repository and then built it on my system (dpkg-buildpackage) after 
modifying the debian/rules file to use ./configure 

Compiling and installing this package worked fine but pinentry-qt 
simply doesn't work. I just immediately get an error dialog in KMail 
that I entered an invalid passphrase.

# dpkg -l pinentry-qt
ii  pinentry-qt       0.6.8-0woody1              Pinentry for GnuPG

pinentry-gtk (directly installed from Ralph's repository without 
recompiling) workes fine.

What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't this be fixed in version 0.6.8??


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