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Re: Need help with sound in 3.1

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Am Freitag, 7. Februar 2003 18:51 schrieb Svein Ove Aas:
> The driver for your soundcard is single-open, and can therefore only be
> used by one program at a time. Either tell xmms and mplayer to use arts for
> sound output, start them via artsdsp or install a better driver.

I would not recommend using aRts with mplayer. Mplayer is written for 
synchronization and aRts messes it all up: it just has a too big delay and 
the buffer simply rips control from mplayer. No good idea at all.
Arts would make sense when startet like a normal daemon (startup script) as 
root with realtime, no buffer and a device file or something equivalent to 
access it (no need to program _for_ it).

The problem with linux is that there is absolutely no standard way to do this. 
Alsa in 2.6 will make the situation better but the mixer daemon (and nothing 
else aRts is good for) is neither standard (aRts, esd, nas,...) nor does it 
even has a standard API.

> AFAIK, all Alsa-drivers do mixing in the kernel.

Alsa does no mixing at all except the cases where the hardware itself support 
multiple channels.


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