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Questions about language-env


Many thanks to Tomohiro (the maintainer of the Debian language-env package) 
for all your great work to make life easier for non english speaking people.

My mother tongue is german and my wife is from Korea. I had no big problems to 
use neither german nor pure korean until I downloaded the (unofficial) KDE 
3.1 packages from a mirror of ftp.kde.org.

It seems that the new kdm version does not source the $HOME/.xsession file 
changed by set-language-env. Does somebody know which files are still sourced 
after starting a KDE session? Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

On the other sides I would appreciate if language-env could distinguish some 
different uses, as my wife and me would like to be able run all programs 
under the german language, using swiss-german keyboards, monetary and date 
formats but be able to input and view korean text. I manually achieve this by 
writing small scripts like this:
>export LANG=de_CH
>export XMODIFIERS=@im=Ami
>export LC_CTYPE=ko_KR.eucKR
>ami &
>kmail &
I know that there are a lot of possible combinations using LANG, LC_MONETARY, 
LC_CTYPE et al. but I think there a few combinations make sense for people 
having a primary and one or more secondary languages. May one could add a 
"expert" or "multilingual" option to language-env to make everybody happy.

And it really is easy for me to offer also french menus and programs to my 
daugthers living in the french speaking part of switzerland.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger
Wieshoschet 6
CH-8753 Mollis
Tel. ++41 55 612 20 54 (privat)
Tel. ++41 55 618 64 68 (Geschäft)

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