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Re: Ktown Kile doesn't work :(

El Sábado, 1 de Febrero de 2003 11:44, Ben Burton escribió:
> > Please notify me for any needed programs that aren't listed
> > in the recommends section of my kile package.
> *grin*
> It would be great if you could notify me as well, since I'm the debian
> maintainer for kile.  Though I presume Ralf will be forwarding such
> things on to me anyway.
> The fast build works on my machine; I can't replicate your problem.  Can
> you send the full output from the messages window?
> Ben.

The messages windows doesn't output ANYTHING :( The funny part is that when i 
press F10 (view log file) it doesn't work neither. It dumps the same message 
when i press the keys ranging from F1 to F12 (used in compilation or 
format1-to-format2 stuff mostly). If i run it from Konsole, it dumps nothin':

apt-drink@BIBBY:~$ kile
kdecore (KAction): WARNING: KActionCollection::KActionCollection( QObject 
*parent, const char *name, KInstance *instance )

...and that's all. And shows that line when i run it, not when it dumps the 

Not very helpful, isn't it? :(

Thx in advance

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