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KDE 3.1 and SID

I just wanted to let everyone know that Martin and I are still trying to
get sid into a state where kde 3.1 can be built and uploaded. Around Jan
22 XFree86 built against gcc3.2 was uploaded so all we are waiting on
now is the following:

heimdal needs update              (currently can't be installed on sid)
postgresql needs recompile        (I think? After heimdal is updated.)
Qt package needs update/recompile
KDE 3.1 needs update/recompile

Once heimdal and possibly postgresql gets fixed it should take less than
a week for the Qt/KDE parts to be fixed and uploaded to sid.

I have tried contacting Brian May (bam@debian.org), who maintains heimdal,
and so far have gotten no response.

- Chris

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