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Re: KDE3.1, libarts and libsdl1.2

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On Freitag, 24. Januar 2003 00:36, Nick Leverton wrote:
> I have a Debian Testing system here still on KDE 2.2.2, and I thought
> I'd do a dummy run (apt-get -s) before I upgrade for real to Ralf's
> 3.1/Woody packages, which are very much appreciated - thank you !
> However I've got a bit of a problem which I thought worth mentioning.
> I have libsdl1.2debian-all installed, which depends on libarts.
> So upgrading to libarts1 removes libsdl1.2debian and hence a number of
> libraries, plugins and programs which, though not KDE programs, in turn
> depend on libsdl.
> Most obvious solution is to use a non-arts version of libsdl1.2debian
> (either oss or esd seem to be the choices), but though I don't have
> any ideological preference for arts versus other sound interfaces, it'd
> be helpful not to have to worry about it.  Could libsdl1.2debian-arts
> and libsdl1.2debian-all be rebuilt for KDE3.1 to depend on libarts1,
> please Ralf ?

I'll have a look later this weekend because I'll be away until sunday night 
from today on. It's not that urgent so please remind me monday if I forgot 
about it by then.


> Nick

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