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Re: Debian Woody packages for KDE 3.1 + Ägypten

* Ralf Nolden schrieb am 16.01.03 um 21:06 Uhr:
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> Hi,

Hi Ralf,

> Sorry for cross-posting, first of all. I've build a set of debian woody 
> packages for KDE 3.1 (as most will now except on gpa-dev@gnupg.org) and added 
> a complete set of woody packages for Aegypten now. 

thanks a lot!

> Those include packages 
> that are required backported from unstable where available and extended to 
> make use of gpgme, threads and smartcard support through opensc + pcsc-lite.
> With this set of packages I hope that using Aegypten and KDE 3.1 will be much 
> easier but be warned that they are a first test now (although I don't expect 
> too many difficulties). The sources are included for all of the aegypten 
> packages if you want to port them to other platforms than i386.
> http://kmail.kde.org/kmail-pgpmime-howto.html
> it should last to apt-get install kmail and the following packages:
> libgcrypt1
> libksba0
> gpgsm
> libgpgme6
> cryptplug
> pinentry-qt | pinentry-gtk | pinentry-curses

Ok. I installed the above packages (and pinentry-qt).

Now I want to use *only* the S/MIME support as I only have a S/MIME
certificate to encrypt my mails (at work).

So I guessed to use the gpgme-smime.so Plugin instead of
pgpme-openpgp.so but kmail cannot initialize this plugin.

And what is the difference between the kmail builtin GnuPG support
and the plugin version?

Another Problem is with the certificate itself. I imported my
certificate in the kontrol center successfully. KDE could even
verify the certificate. But in the cert manager I do not see any
Name or emailentries in the Table of certificates. Its an empty
entry with a cert that can ve verified. So I guess KDE does not
understand the cert correctly...

Thanks for any suggestions.
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