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Re: 2 kde questions on general

If you are using kde 3.1, look in KControl|Appearance|Screensavers.
There are several fire screensavers. If you are using 3.x or 2.x, run
the program xscreensaver-demo to pick some fire screensavers. You'll
also need to put a link to xscreensaver in your .kde/Autostart

To change shortcuts for programs, right-click on the K Menu and
choose Edit, then locate the program you want to assign the shortcut

--- Wolfgang Mader <trustindevil@gmx.de> wrote:
> hello to everyone,
> sorry for this off-topic questions. i am searching for a programm
> that puts 
> animated fire, a picture ore something else on my desktop. not in
> the 
> background but like a screensaver. or perhaps there is a
> screensaver which is 
> able to do this.
> an is there a possibility to define shortcuts for programms. e.g.:
> win + e for 
> the konqueror.
> happy new year
> wolfgang
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