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Re: mp3 support for kio_audiocd

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On Sonntag, 12. Januar 2003 17:18, David Pashley wrote:
> On Sunday 12 January 2003 15:51, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> > On Sonntag, 12. Januar 2003 15:55, Sven Bergner wrote:
> > > Hi list,
> > > I have the kio_audiocd installed on my machine. I used the package from
> > > Ralf. It shows me the tracks and gets the title of the tracks from
> > > cddb. Thats ok. But I have only a ogg vorbis subdirectory and no mp3.
> > > What do I have to do, to get a mp3 directory?
> > > I hope someone can help me.
> >
> > The reason for that is that I don't have liblame installed in my build
> > environment because liblame is GPL but still, the encoding to mp3 is
> > quite problematic license-wise. This is the reason why SuSE doesn't
> > compile kdemulitmedia with liblame either.
> >
> > Now, what they do is if you install liblame afterwards, you can ripp to
> > mp3. I'll try to make this work the same way; if it doesn't work I'll
> > provide a separate package for kio-audiocd that works with liblame
> > installed.
> >
> > Ralf
> AIUI you need liblame-dev installed during building. As this does not ship
> in Debian, the offical packages will not support ripping MP3. If
> kio_audiocd detects liblame existance at run time without needing
> liblame-dev during build then it may be supportable.

That's what I meant. BTW I'm done with kdebindings now after restructuring it, 
adding some metapackages and stuff. Now we should have a working kmozilla 
again :-))

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