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Re: GCC 3.2 now becoming default compiler for Sid!!!

On Friday 10 January 2003 23:24, csj@mindgate.net wrote:
> Daniel Stone wrote:
> > Wrong. libGLU is C++.
> Am I right in assuming this affects only the 3D-dependent parts
> of KDE? I have a card that can't do a decent tuxracer game.

It affects the parts which use some helper functions for OpenGL (which is 
always underestimated for being good for 2D graphics as well).
Several KDE screensavers use GLU, e.g. flux or wave.
3D acceleration is the task of Mesa, which slowly emulates all graphics 
operations in software unless you have DRI enabled or at least GLX for 
non-DRI boards.
Tuxracer uses GLU, but only to a minimal extent.
OpenRacer, which succeeds Tuxracer, has been C++-ized for months now.


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