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Missing konsole "Linux" font

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I've been using a self compiled version ok KDE-3.1 Beta. Today I've 
instaled the "sid" packages for KDE-3.1 from Ralf (great job!) and then 
the "Linux" font for Konsole has changed from the old hanitual to 
another bigger and uglier (also monospaced, but not the nice old "Linux 
", VGA like font). I've installed xfonts-konsole but nothing has 

Also, In the custom font selection list I don't see any "Console" font 
name (I think that was the name for the "Linux" font). 

Yesterday I "dist-upgraded" my system and I saw that the new fontconfig 
version told this:

   default renderer has been changed                                                                                

   Now the default renderer has been changed to Xft2, and your font
   configuration depends on a fontconfig configuration file
   /etc/fonts/fonts.conf [...]

I've been looking into it and I have noticed that the "fonts.cache-1" 
file (generated by fontconfig) in "/usr/share/fonts" (where the 
"9x15.pcf.gz", "console8x16.pcf.gz" and "console8x8.pcf.gz" files with 
the "Linux" font reside) doesn't have any reference to these fonts, it 
just have these references to subdirectories: 

"afms" 0 ".dir"
"type1" 0 ".dir"
"truetype" 0 ".dir"

I've tried to regenerate these files after installing xfonts-konsole 
with "dpkg-reconfigure -plow fontconfig" but the result is the same.

I'm not sure if this is related to the problem, but I'd love to see back 
the good old "Linux" font to konsole. Any hint is appreciated.

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Mario J. Barchéin Molina. Granada (Spain)
mario AT/EN judas.2y.net
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