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Re: KDE (splash screen / loading panel) don't close...

Ralf Nolden wrote:

> Wait for the gcc-3.2 transition to be over. gcc 3.2 is now the default
> compiler since tonight so everything gets automatically rebuild. Which also
> means that you won't have any chance of using your KDE 3.0 installation on
> sid anymore. It's probably better to wait until the transition is over and
> KDE 3.1 has entered upstream.

gcc-3.2 may be default as of today but surely nothing has been built and 
uploaded with it yet? I was planning on simply putting any c102 lib's and 
apps that depend on them on hold until all c++ app's I use are upgraded. Or 
have I completely misunderstood this issue?

> If this is your production machine, too bad.  Make a back up and install
> woody

You know if it were not for all the wonderful work you are doing I'd be 
tempted to call you a heretic for saying such a thing. The last time I 
installed Debian was ...err...slink. Debian is not SUSE ;-) I do hope I'm not 
tempting fate here...

Thanks for all your hard work.

Simon Hepburn.

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