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Re: sid version up

måndagen den 6 januari 2003 02.01 skrev Ralf Nolden:

> kdemultimedia is missing due to xine_artsplugin compile error with the
> latest xine version. kde-multimedia@kde.org is trying to take care of that
> but there's currently no other way than I guess grabbing my last backported
> version and pinning it. Although, you could have libxine0 (wich is 0.9.8 )
> and the current libxine1 (which is the one not working) installed in
> parallel. The last working version is still in testing so you can use that
> instead of the backported one.

I am using libxine 0.9.13, but otherwise exactly the same problem. It is 
possible to have libxine0 and libxine1 both installed, so this should be no 
problem except for the person who want to recompile kdemultimedia.

Would it not be better if the libxine1 dev library would be called 
libxine1-dev, now when the new library is incompatible with the old?

Anyway, the g++ 3.2 transition has started full time, according to an 
announcement, so I guess that means that all KDE packages going to SID will 
be transitioned. And all old applications will become non-working.

I will stay with the old g++ 2.95 until it becomes too troublesome.


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