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Re: apt-get update Kmail "nit"


Once again thanks very much for your work!!!  RC6 installed
well (under KDE RC5)on my woody system except for one or 
two -f installs and a dpkg --remove (I believe it was a conflict
with kdeartworks and kscreensaver.  I "fixed" it by removing

The nit in Kmail is that Kmail  RC6 now displays the folder list 
in true alphabetic sort.  i.e  first the (inbox, ...drafts) folders
with Capital first letters and then the folders with lower-case.

Previous versions of Kmail displayed the folders in mixed Alpha 
for example, my kde-debian  folder followed my KDE-CHATTER
folder.  With Kmail RC6 KDE-CHATTER is on top of list, and 
kde-debian is far away from it. 

Now to complicate it - the Kmail folder list display functions, when 
moving, copying to a folder and in Compose mode when displaying
Sent-Mail folder choices are all Mixed Alpha sort. 

I haven't been able to find an option for changing the folder list.

If this is going to be the modus operandi, I can manually change
my lower case folders to First Letter Capital but I don't really 
want to touch the existing folders. 


On Saturday 04 January 2003 04:57 am, Ralf Nolden wrote:

> I also updated kdelibs, kdebase, kdeartwork, kdepim and kdenetwork
> which reflect the latest changes so you're basically running KDE-3.1
> RC6. Please report all problems ASAP because otherwise the filal will
> contain those bugs. Especially if it's shows
> Ralf
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