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Re: I cannot compile qt apps

> >
> > I have reinstalled libqt3 libqt3-dev libqt3-mt libqt3-mt-dev from:
> > ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/packages/desktops/kde/stable/3.0.5/Debian/woody/i386/
> >qt3/
> >
> > I assume that these packages are not compiled with gcc3.2.  I still have
> > the same problem...
> Some time ago I had a similar problem (I think). I would like to compile a
> program with Qt, but using the gcc3.x (any different of the official).
> There's a recursive question.
> Gcc3.2 has different ABI that Gcc2.95, so they are incompatible. You can
> compile and link a program with a library with 3.2 but you need that library
> compiled with 3.2.
> So if you want to compile a kde program with 3.2, you need to have kdelibs,
> etc, compiled with 3.2, if you do that you will need to compile qt with 3.2.
> All the C++ source will need compile with 3.2. I have said all C++, because
> the ABI have been changed for all the C++ layer (not yet for the C).
> Therefore, or you wait till debian was fully with 3.2, or you have to compile
> (as I tried to do) all the C++ source with 3.2.
> Best regards.
> Leo

I was under the impression that I was using kde3 and QT3 debs compiled with
gcc2.95.  If this is so, then the problem lies elsewhere.. 
So since I am using gcc2.95 where can I find kde3 and QT3 debs which have been
compiled with gcc2.95 and not gcc 3.2?  How can I tell which compiler was used
to make the Debs I already have?



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