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Re: Konqueror 3.1 speed increase!

Hello Felix,

Am Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2003 16:47 schrieb Felix Homann:
> Hi,
> I'm deeply impressed by the speed increase I'm experiencing with the
> new Konqueror from Ralf's 3.0.99+cvs... debs. 
> [...]
I'm using debian sarge mixed with packages from SID/unstable.
Due to the speedimprovements in KDE 3.0.99 I'm also interested in 
apt-getting the deb's of Ralf. 
Is that possible and installs flawlessy if I update from kde2.2  
(sarge) to Ralphs 3.0.99+cvs... debs?

apt-show-versions output sample of my system:
libpng12-0-dev/unstable uptodate 1.2.5-8
libc6/unstable uptodate 2.3.1-8
libglib2.0-0/unstable uptodate 2.2.0-1
libqt3-helper/unstable uptodate 2:3.1.1+cvs.20021220-1
libqt3-dev/unstable uptodate 2:3.1.1+cvs.20021220-1
libc6-dev/unstable uptodate 2.3.1-8

Thanks in advance

> Happy new year again,

Happy new year to all!

Kind regards


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