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Compiling KDE 3.1 on Woody

I am running an install of Woody, and I would like to have KDE 3.1 on my 
system.  I --do not-- want to track testing/unstable to do this.  The problem 
is that the /debian directory of the current snapshots is rather specifically 
geared towards testing/unstable, making it a pain to create debs for Woody 
from them, and I am not yet skilled enough with the dev tool to configure a 
Woody compatible set of debs myself, at least not for something as large and 
complicated as QT/KDE.  Therefore, I would like to compile it myself, but I 
would like to accomplish the following when I do.

1)  Install all of the files into the same directories that they would be into 
if installed from .deb files.  What options need to be passed to the 
configure script to accomplish this?  Do I need to manually move any of the 
files after running "make install"?  Are there any symlinks I need to make?  
Doing this would allow my compile to be overwritten by a later install of 
QT/KDE 3.1 packages without leaving cruft in obscure directories.

2)  Is there a convenient way to find any library and other build depends for 
QT or KDE, so I can get the appropriate software installed before finding out 
one and a half hours into a build that something was missing.

3)  Is there a policy manual for KDE and other desktops available? where?

Thank You

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