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Re: qt3.0.5 & kde 3.0.4 - howto recompile?

On 26.Nov 2002 - 14:51:38, Setyo Nugroho wrote:
> I just upgraded from kde 3.0.3 to 3.0.4. 
> I have problems with database connectivity. 

you've got the debian packages or source code?

> from the website of trolltech: 
> "Warning: Qt 3.0.5 introduces changes into some aspects of plugins, in
> particular regarding loading, path handling and library versions. As a
> result of this change, no plugins compiled with Qt 3.0.4 and earlier
> will work with Qt 3.0.5 and later: they must be recompiled."
> This means IMHO one must recompile all kde plugins (if not whole kde) against
> qt 3.0.5.
> The question is: how to recompile KDE, Postgrsql & mysql plugins? 

From this I assume that you've got the deb's for kde 3.0.4?! These
should already be compiled against the qt version that is stated in
their dependecies (look what apt-cache show kde brings up). AFAIK there
are no! kde-postgres ore mysql plugins, these are part of the qt library
and are separate packages which should also be from version 3.0.5.
Though you don't need to recompile these.

What has to be recompiled are all the styles plugins from kde and other
things that are plugins. In fact here I recompiled whole kde from
source, but i don't have kde3 as deb's I ever used self-compiled.


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