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RE: Fonts on KDE

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> From: Laura Rudmin [mailto:dscpubl@siltec.lt]
> Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 10:43 AM
> To: Charlie Reiman
> Subject: Re: Fonts on KDE
> Charlie Reiman wrote:
> >I've got Debian sid (2.4.18 kernel) with kde 2.2.2 installed on
> my Omnibook
> >500. I'm having a hard time getting fonts to behave. Is there a
> decent FAQ
> >covering font installation? I'd really love something with a
> troubleshooting
> >diagram.
> >
> You know, I saw a pretty good looking article on Slashdot.org [actually
> elsewhere,
> but covered on slashdot] linked to about font deuglification in Debian
> about a month ago.
> Doing an advanced search on Google for "Debian font howto install
> site:slashdot.org",
> I see that the slashdot article was:
> http://slashdot.org/articles/00/02/25/107204.shtml
> The original article was not a working link, but going over to debian, I
> see it here:
> http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/mini/FDU/index.html
> Among other things, it told how to use the font hints and all to make
> them actually
> look decent on the screen.
> See if this helps.  If it works, leave a "problem solved message" that
> points to the website,
> or tells what you did.
> >
> >I have anti-aliasing working. My problem is KDE itself only seems to
> >recognize about 10 fonts in the look & Feel:Fonts panel (courier
> 10 pitch,
> >nimbus, a few others). KDE will render Helvitica but I can't select it in
> >the picker. KWord also seems to let me select from about 10
> different fonts.
> >
> >This is a KDE problem since gfontsel seems to recognize over 100 fonts,
> >including my true type fonts, but it has problems with some (not
> all) 2 byte
> >fonts. gfontview seems to render everything as long as I point it at the
> >right directory. Crufty old xfontsel seems to recongnize all my fonts and
> >renders them just fine.
> >
> >"xlsfonts | wc -l" gives 5462, so there are plenty of fonts
> installed as far
> >as X is concerned.
> >
> >How do I get KDE to at least recognize my TT fonts?
> >
> >Thanks for any help
> >
> >Charlie.

You're thinking of this document:


which covers how to get TT fonts installed and anti-aliased. I've got them
installed and anti-aliased just fine but KDE doesn't see them. Gnome tools
and gronky old X tools do. So I'm thinking I'm missing some KDE specific
index file but I'm not sure what it is. I suppose it's also possible I've
got some bad configuration that KDE chokes on but gnome and X just breeze

I appreciate the help though. This document


might be more relevent for me although it is old.

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