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Re: screensavers ( matrix for kde 3.0.3 )

OK...me bad.  I was installing the kscreensaver package and calling it good.  
I just installed the kdeartwork package and everything is fine.  I am running 
3.0.4, but the 3.0.3 kdeartwork package works fine.

Thanks folks.


On Tuesday 19 November 2002 04:44 pm, Ben Burton wrote:
> > I really think that this might be a bug...a number of people have
> > reported this, and at least in my case, I know that I have the
> > screensaver package installed (and have tried dpkg-reconfigure and all
> > that)
> Which version of kdebase (and where from) do you have?  Which version of
> kdeartwork-screensaver?
> Ben.

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