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KDE finds only 3 fonts


when trying to change the fonts in the control-center, the only available 
fonts for kde are:

-  Birstream Charter
-  Courier 10 Pitch
-  Cursor

This is my first contact with dabian. So, maybe I have forgotten to install 
some needed packages, but I don't now which ones.
I have installed a recent version of woody without any experimental packages 
and I didn't make any manual changes in any configuration files.
My standard language is german, and if I remember well, during the 
insallation I have choosen iso8859-15 as standard encoding.

Running xlsfonts, I get a pretty long list of fonts available on the X server.

Why doesn't kde find this fonts?
What is the configuration file that tells kde where to search its fonts?
What is missconfigured?

Thanks for every help


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