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KDE 3.0.4 ate my fonts

Hi all,

I have a minor but very annoying problem: I'm running woody, and until
recently I had KDE 3.0.0 running perfectly on it (mostly due to advice
gleaned from this very list). Yesterday I upgraded to KDE 3.0.4 by putting
deb http://download.uk.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/latest/Debian/woody ./ in my
apt sources and installing all updated packages.

Everything's working fine except my TrueType fonts - they are all
installed fine according to Control Center -> System -> Font Installer,
but are not found in Control Center -> Look & Feel -> Fonts. Mozilla can
find the fonts and anti-aliases them as it should, but KDE it seems
cannot. My 3.0.0 had lovely anti-aliased TrueType fonts and I want them

Anyone else had this problem and can offer some advice?

Thanks in advance,

Richard Boyce
Linux Post-Newbie
IT Officer, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

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