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Re: Integration of i18n packages in KDE meta-package

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 04:49:41PM +0100, Charles de Miramon scrawled:
> Hi,
> Discussing the Debian-Desktop project, one remark was that Debian has a bad 
> support for language other than English.
> Ideally, when a user type apt-get install kde, s(he) should get auto-magically 
> the right i-18n package for his or her language or gracefully fall bak to 
> English.
> I was wondering (well, it is more a hint for our Nordic power team of Yenar 
> and Carolina) if it is technically possible to create a dependancy in kde to 
> a pseudo-package kde-i18n that would find the locale of the user and download 
> the appropriate package.

It's technically impossible, unless you want to run apt-get in postinst,
which is wrong and broken[1]. So, no, sadly it can't really be done. :\


[1]: Basically, because you can't guarantee that you're on a machine
with a link, like my home machine. No connection to the Internet, sadly,
so I get debs at work and scp them home, via my laptop. Running postinst
would, in this case, fail, and I would thus file a critical-severity

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