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kde-i18n , help


I have 3 Problems on woody and kde 3.0.4:

1. I installed german I18n kde-i18n-de and could set german language for the 
user. After a while german language is away. If I try to set german language 
again there is no other language in kcontrol than english-US. Package 
kde-i18n-de is still installed. I also tried reinstall and remove/install but 
nothing changed.  /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/de exists but directory
/usr/share/locale/de is away.

2. On another PC I can get help only by using kcontrol->help ( at the
 index/search/help tabs ). I cannot get help in any kde-program by 
 using the help->handbook menu. Is there any link missing or what can I do?

3.I want to use kmail but have problems with kaddressbook:
  - columns are very small and not changable with save
  - how can I export addresses and import this file on another PC?
  - where is the datafile of addresses located ?

 Thanks , Lutz

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