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Re: encoding ogg in konqueror

torsdagen den 7 november 2002 11.09 skrev Trust "in Devil (brain-frog)":

> i guess that if i want to convert the cd into mp3 there must be an mp3
> secition like for the ogg vorbis, right?
> i have installed a selfcompiled version of lame at /usr/local/bin/lame.
> i have found no possibility in kcontrol to define this encoder....
> can someone tell me what to do for beeing albe to encode mp3 with
> konqueror.

Yes, there is a "subdirectory" called audiocd:/MP3 with files *.mp3. You copy 
from that, like from any other file.

The plugin to do that is in kdemultimedia, so it need to be appropriately 
compiled for it to work.  I don't know if any "official" version have it 
enabled. Since liblame is not in debian, it might not be so.

My kde3.1 versions have it enabled.

lame for debian can be found on http://marillat.free.fr

-- Karolina

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