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Re: KDE and security

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On Wednesday 06 November 2002 05:55 am, Russell Coker wrote:
> For /tmp/ksocket-user and /tmp/.ICE-unix, will KDE use an environment
> variable for specifying the tmp directory?  If so it shouldn't be difficult
> to solve this.  Also what is the point of the .ICE-unix directory anyway?

Speak to the kde-kiosk guys about this.  It's a question that comes up 
everyonce in a while, but I don't remember the answer.  IOW, you could 
probably go through their list archives.

> But the .DCOPserver* files are a more serious problem.  IMHO the core code
> should be changed to put them somewhere more appropriate.  I'd be happy to
> offer a patch if someone's interested in merging it (either in Debian
> packages or upstream).

See above.

> While we're at it, the error handling in QT could probably be improved.  If
> you are denied access to create ~/.qt/.qtrc.lock then trying it four times
> is not going to get you access...

IIRC, this is because of crappy nfs issues.  I.e., it is quite possible to be 
denied access the first couple times and allowed the third, simply because so 
many nfs implementations suck :-(  Note that I am explicitly including 
linux's here...

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