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Re: New Opera 6.1 for Debian troubles ... [solved]


I did a dirty hack to get Opera 6.1 work with my KDE themes:

apt-get remove opera
apt-get remove libqt3 --> so I only have the libqt-mt library
ln -s /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3 /usr/lib/libqt.so.3  -> the dirty hack :)
download the shared tar.gz version from opera.com and run the install script

I am not sure why works, but works :)
my explanation is that for opera libqt.so.3 is multithreared... but I think it should crash with the libqt.so.3 ln not-multithreaded

Perhaps you have a better cconclusion :)


Hasso Tepper wrote:

Carlos Acedo wrote:
I have installed the new Opera 6.1 shared version for gcc 2.95, the
problem is that I can't use any of the styles. This new Opera can
use your KDE style but I select it and nothing happens :(, only
motif style works.

The static version works all but KDE style. Mandrake version of
Opera works fine with the KDE style, but I use Debian :)

Opera is using not-multithreaded qt. Qt in Debian and qt KDE is using is multithreaded.


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