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Re: KDE 3.0.4 and aRTs

> Around 4% on a 450MHz Celeron. Sound played by xmms through xmmsarts and 
> ALSA below it all was flawless even during compiles. Opening links in 
> new windows in Konqueror made it stutter slightly. There was a simple 
> remedy, if you're not morally or otherwise opposed to it: make 
> /usr/bin/artswrapper suid. Additionally, I made it executable only by 
> group audio and added myself to that group. In order not to lose these 
> changes after an upgrade I made them permantent with

hello to everyone
there is a question which i think you can answer.
i have kde 3.0.4-1 installed. my debian is sid.
no i am very surprised how someone can play mp3s over xmmsarts on a the
3.0.4 because everytime i try to install the xmmsarts package it says
that it needs libarts. this package conflicts with libarts1 but the rest
of kde depends on libarts1. so you see there is no possibility to have
kde3 and xmmsarts installed at the same time.
what is the trick? i yould be pleased if you could help me.

thanx w. mader
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