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konqueror + flashplugin + remote X display = freeze


I am running debian server that serves several remote desktops (remote xdm & 

Today I faced the foolowing problem.

When on a remote X session a page is opened on konqueror (KDE 3.0.4) and 
that page uses flash, the browser hangs until "nspluginviewer" process is 
manually killed.

This happens with both flashplugin 5 from flashplugin package, and with 
flashplugin 4 from netscape4 package.

But this does not happen on local display. On local display, any version of 
plugin works correctly.

I fail to understand how this difference may happen. X protocol is the same 
in local and remote cases.

Can this behaviour be reproduced on some other setup?
Could someone who can make flash working on remote display please mail me 
(yoush@cs.msu.su) - maybe per-package or even per-file compare of two 
systems will help to find out what is happening?

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