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Re: kdevelop -STILL a problem

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On Monday 14 October 2002 14:45, Setyo Nugroho wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I did this "apt-get -f install". Got an advice to remove o.a. kdebase.
> Then OK removed. I reinstalled it. Then apt-get install kdevelop works
> fine. also for this c-cpp-reference.

So you have kdevelop and c-ccp-reference installed correctly and can use them, 

> These are what I have:
> $ apt-show-versions -p libc6 -a
> libc6   2.2.5-11.2      install ok installed
> libc6   2.2.5-11.2      stable
> libc6/stable uptodate 2.2.5-11.2
> $apt-show-versions -p libqt3-mt -a
> libqt3-mt       2:3.0.3-20020329-1      install ok installed
> libqt3-mt       2:3.0.3-20020329-1      stable
> libqt3-mt/stable uptodate 2:3.0.3-20020329-1

You are running a Debian Woody system, the earlier dependancies were for 
packages from testing/unstable (because you were trying to install kdevelop 
from unstable) - hence they could not be found.

> The thing I got when I experimented with the wizard is "If you want to
> generate the user-documentation, you need one of these programs". A
> small widget caption shows this "sgml2html or ksgml2html do not exist".

I seem to recall some problem with the documentation for kdevelop. I think 
that the kdevelop folk changed their documentation format recently, and the 
user-documentation wizard does not know about the change yet. You should be 
able to manually install and browse the documentation (apt-get install 
kdevelop-doc). Upstream should fix this fairly soon, I'm sure they must be 
aware of it.

Paul Cupis
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