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Kde 3.0.3 slow


I've just a problem of speed: yesterday, after upgrading my debian (40 
packages), i restarded my computer and kde was blocked at "Initialisizing 
services". In fact, it was not really blocked: it takes 3 to 4 minutes to 
boot ! And after, some application like konqueror takes also 2 or 3 minutes 
to launch. But applicstion based ont gtk works fine. Kmail works fine too. 
It's very strange.

I am thinking about a problem with Qt (because i think that qt have been 
upgraded by my apt-get upgrade (the version 3.0.5 is installed)) but i tried 
to downgrade qt to 3.0.4 and it doesn't solve the problem. It's only what I 
found when reading the archive of the list.

Any idea ?



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