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3.04 screensaver problem

Hi, I have seen other people report the same problem, but there does not seem 
to have been any resolution on this list.  It appears as the screensavers for 
kde 3.04 and now 3.04 are not working.  All I have in my list is blank (which 
works), random and xscreensaver.  Xscreensaver works when I am setting it 
up...all the preview and the like work, but as soon as it come to locking the 
screen, it locks and unlocks properly, but no images.  A cosmetic issue, but 
kindof annoying.

Interesting thing...is if I go to the screensaver setting via right-clicking 
on the desktop, selecting configure desktop, and then selecting screensaver, 
I get the error

There was an error loading module


The diagnostics is:

And then the ok button...there is also no picture for the screensaver option 
in that screen.

Any idea?


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