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Re: KMail, pgp5 and gpg

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On Tuesday 08 October 2002 10:49 am, Pablo de Vicente wrote:
> Hello,
>   I have run into some trouble with KMail, gpg and pgp5i. I will expose the
> case:
> I usually use pgp5i and have exported my public key to a keyserver. Before
> doing that I checked that using PGP5i in different machines and with
> different identities KMail worked fine, detecting the validity of
> signatures.
>  The problem arises when people who only use GnuPG import my public key
> from the keyserver. All emails from my address appear in Red in their Mail
> folders and with a "Warning: The signature is bad" message. These people
> use, under KMail  -> Settings -> Security -> OpenPGP option "Select
> encryption tool to use: GnuPG".
I can confirm that this does happen in KDE 3.1beta2.

>  If the previous option is set to: "Autodetect", then the email will appear
> in yellow with a "The validity of the signature can't be verified" message.
> However if one only uses KMail with PGP5 (for which one imports my public
> key from the keyserver) the emails appear in green and with a "The
> signature is valid and the key is fully trusted" message.
>  Is there some kind of incompatibilty between GnuPG and PGP5i?. Is this a
> KMail problem which, when using GnuPG does not recognize the validity of
> messages signed with PGP5i?.
> On the other hand Kmail works fine the other way round, that is messages
> signed with GnuPG are correctly verified.
> Any ideas?

Have you emailed kmail@mail.kde.org? They are the KMail developers. they 
should be able to help you more.

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David Pashley
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