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Artsd in KDE 3.2 beta 2 eating cpu.


Ive just installed the KDE 3.2 beta 2 packages from ftp.kde.org. Everything worked fine except neither Noatun or Kaboodle would play Ogg Vorbis file's.   I tracked this down to artsd which was seg faulting whenever I opened a Vorbis file.  After a fair bit of mucking around with libvorbis and libogg artsd stopped segfaulting and I thought all was fine until I realised that when playing a Vorbis file the sound was skipping and artsd was using 94% cpu usage!  As soon as it moves onto an mp3 file the usage goes back down to 9% or so.  Any ideas on a fix? The file dosnt sounds ok it just skips and eats cpu.  I think its an arts issue as Xmms works fine with the same Vorbis libs.

~Mike Russell

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