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Re: 178 days and counting

>  eh?  Thanks, but no thanks.  I'm running on a Class C internal network
> where I live, with a direct backend into the ms exchange server (yes the
> gentleman where I live runs his own ISP, Microsoft based without a single
> touch of linux as he thinks it's a pile of shit and a fad - oh and he does
> have 20 years or so of experience in the IT industry).  Therefore I do not
> have a pop3 or imap account to set up mutt, evolution etc.  At the moment
> i'm using the ms exchange net feature (ie retrieval of email by logging on
> via http to my exchange account), which saves me having to reboot into ms
> windows to check my email.  I do not intend to change the way my mail works,
> nor should I have to.  I think i'll just keep my mouth shut from now on and
> read teh posts and that's it.  I'm to the point where i'm seroiusly
> considering formatting it and just make it all ms windows again.  Thanks kde
> - you've really turned me off.  Oh and for those that bitch about me not
> having the "correct" line in my sources.list I actually did try that as
> well, with the same dependency fuckups.  I'm beyond caring now.

Summary: You don't like GNU/Linux, you don't like KDE and you want to
stick with proprietary MS Crap that some other guy thinks is fine. 

Apart from that, you are bothered by the fact that people tell you
that you might be at the wrong place on a list that is related to KDE
and GNU/Linux and all in all wouldn't touch Microsoft Software unless
violently forced to.

An average peace of butter would be sensible enough to unsubscribe.


The meek shall inherit the earth; the rest of us, the Universe.

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