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Re: KMail Only Works Once Per Session

Hi Mark.
Can you please tell me apt sources.list line for download KDE3.1 beta debs which are you using  ?

Thank you.

WBR, Vyacheslav

Saturday 14 September 2002 17:52, Mark Purcell написал:
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> On Sun, 15 Sep 2002 23:12, Robert Tilley wrote:
> > I'm running KDE 3.1 beta and have noticed something very strange with
> > KMail -- It will only download mail _once_ per KDE session.  If I try to
> > fetch mail again, it does nothing.
> Running KDE3.1 (Karolina's debs, excellent work!) here as well, and it
> happily downloads mail multiple times.
> I'm running IMAP mailboxes...
> Might need to check your settings... But that is where KDE3.1 kmail becomes
> interesting for me as I can't find the settings to add/ change existing
> accounts.  Fortunatly my old accounts from KDE2.2 are still fine and
> working.
> Mark
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With best wishes, Vyacheslav

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